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Richard van Kooten,

Born: 1968 in Hoenderloo

He visited the kindergarten and primary school in Hoenderloo and afterwards went to Apeldoorn for secondary school. After finishing school he had several jobs in Apeldoorn and Hoenderloo, and then decided to start a company on his own. Since 1988 he is living together with Claudia and both decided to have pets. After a cat and a little dog the first husky came into their house and not long after they decided for 4 huskies, because this made it possible to make a start with husky sledging. Although at first it was Claudia standing on the sledge, Richard took over from Claudia in 1996. Then the real sledging started: from starting with 4 dogs every year a little bit more until in 2003 his dream became true: sledging with an open team (8 or more dogs in front of the sledges) which with was participated in several Dutch, European and World championships, many times with pretty good results. Because of the dogs the idea was born to move to a country with a lot of snow, resulting in the start of a company with the dogs in Sweden. Not only during winter our outdoor company is active, summer activities have been developed as well. Richard is taking care of all technical cleaning, building and outdoor activities (guiding, taking care of the dogs, etc.).


Claudia Beerta,

Born: 1970 in Apeldoorn

Kindergarten and primary school and even secondary school were all visited in Apeldoorn. After school time she had a few jobs, ranging from learning to work till jobs intermediated by a job agency, because it took a while to find out what kind of job was most suitable. In 1986 the Beerta family moved to Hoenderloo, where Richard came in the picture. With the 4 dogs we had at first, it was Claudia who started with the sledge dog sport, at first with a cart, but afterwards with the sledge in alpine countries. However, because of her severe vertigo a decision had to be made and it was decided that it would be better that Richard took over. Actually, he wanted that already from the beginning and he took his chances with pleasure. Living in Sweden, with non deep ravines anymore, Claudia is standing on the sledge again as well, but in general she is taking care of the administration of the outdoor company, the website, customer contact (e-mails), the cleaning and kitchen work. But she is always helping to take care for the dogs as well.


Jay van Kooten,

Born: 2000 in Apeldoorn

He does not know about a live without dogs and he owns himself 4 dogs:Enzo, Image, Blacker and Bep. When he was once asked who was racing with his dogs, he answered nicely: “daddy may borrow them from me...”. Being 4 years old like all Dutch children Jay went to the first class of primary school in Hoenderloo, the same school that his father had visited. But after moving to Sweden in 2005, he didn't have to go to school yet, because in Sweden at the age of 5 school education is not compulsory. He nevertheless went to kindergarten (dagis), because that gave him the chance to learn the Swedish language fast, even faster then his parents, and in the meantime he speaks Swedish as if he was born in Sweden. Jay's main interest is animals, dinosaurs most of all. Jay's other hobby's are ice hockey, airgun shooting, foot boll and swimming.


Kyona van Kooten,

Born: 2004 in Apeldoorn

She had the age of just half a year, when she was accompanying her parents on trainings and sledge dog races. She is a little lady with a strong own character. Kyona was not even one year old when the family moved to Sweden (she liked very much helping her parents to pack the stuff from the house …) and since then for her Holland is just not more then the country to go on holiday. She is speaking Swedish language as a native Swedish girl and with her blond hair she also looks like a native girl. Like most Swedish children, she is having skating lessons to prepare for ice hockey, which is a real cultural thing in Sweden. Kyona likes to be outdoors, more than everything else: playing in the snow, nice trips with the snow scooter or ice fishing. As soon as the ice is melted, she is eager to swim in the very cold lake near the house. Just do it is here device!