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Our story

The year 1991 we bought our first husky. See our journey until the year 2005 in the category “the beginning”.

2005 we moved with our family and 30 huskys to Sweden. With one goal; work with our dogs. A normal job and next to it so many dogs became really hard. But also the snow condition became bad at the competition places. It would be a great solution to work with our dogs instead of keep them for hobby.
We moved to Jämtland and started our company Siberian Adventure’s Northern Sweden. Building kennels, get permissions and a lot more. The starting of our company.
We gott more and more dogs. Our goal was to be able to sledge with 6 - 8 guests. Enough dogs for every guest, but what about young and old dogs.

So we needed a lot. We came to the point that we had 65 dogs in total. For many years we have enjoyed a lot of adventures together with our guests. Always something new and a lot of nice people.
Besides our dogs we also started our cleaning company here. The building and the dogs costs a lot of money.

After years of sledging with fun, preparing trails, working in the winter for 16 hours a day, there is now the point where we have to start thinking about ourselves. These long days are no longer easy for us to keep up, but what about our family, wich was in second place for years.  Now it is time for our self! The cleaning company has become bigger. Too big to have a big tourist company next to it.
We choose to continue for less risk. Less weather to be dependent on. Just the stress of whether there is enough snow to offer the guests what they come for.

With other words: Siberian Adventure’s Northern Sweden became again: just an Siberian huksy kennel with the name: Siberian adventure’s, as it was when we moved here.
On this moment we have 52 dogs. But it is slowly sinking down. We are not getting young dogs anymore. There have been sold a couple of dogs, who got new amazing homes, were they can do what they love: run in front of a sled. With the other ones that we have left, we are going to sledge with our sleves.

Guests are still welcome! We still have our camping with guest house, cabins and campsite for caravan, mobilehomes and tents. Here we still offer some activities. All on request. This so that we can plan our time, because we have to count with our cleaningcompany as well.

It's been enough! Good times! Beautiful memories! Build up something nice! What we in the prime of it's existence end, with proper pride.

More update and stories will follow again under: diary.